Customer Experience’s Atomic Elements

Word is getting out.

I was at a coffee shop yesterday and noticed a woman had a “CX” sticker on her laptop.

Recently, I had a conversation with a start-up who wants to add a VP of Customer Experience to their leadership team.

It’s great that Customer Experience is getting top billing with more and more organizations. As Customer Experience moves from, “What’s that” to the new “it”, let’s do the work to keep Customer Experience meaningful.

Customer Experience isn’t a buzz word.
Customer Experience is our Perspective.
Customer Experience is our set of Principles.
Customer Experience is our Strategy.

How do we keep Customer Experience meaningful? Keep the most basic truths about Customer Experience close to you. Everything builds up from these smallest elements. Speak them often. Evaluate our decisions against them. Trace your projects back to their smallest building blocks.

The Atomic Elements of Customer Experience

CX is about Feelings.

We make our decisions, we live our lives emotionally.  Each of the customer’s we touch is on an emotional journey of their own all the time. We meet them at a few key points on that journey. Whatever their reason for seeking our service or product, beneath it is an emotion. Something they want. Something they need. Something that won’t let them go. Whatever service we provide tangibly, we must fill that emotional need.

CX is about Connecting.

Watching a movie with a friend is better. Eating at a restaurant with others is better. We want to be “where the cool kids” are. We want to find something awesome and be the person who shares it. Whatever we are offering as a business, as soon as it’s connected to other people, its better. Connected experiences are just better.

CX is about People.

Our businesses are about many things. Our Customer Experience though, it’s about people, the people our work touches. Each of them have needs, interest, and wants. Our customers change, and their needs change with them. Our Customer Experience focus drives us to meet them where they are, in this moment.

Its these most basic elements that make Customer Experience so powerful. Use them everyday. Keep Customer Experience more than a buzz word.